March 4, 2024
Best All Rounders in IPL

In cricket, especially in the T20 format, a player with proper skills in the three areas, batting, bowling and fielding, is a must-have in any team. While many players acquire mastery in batting, others have expertise in the bowling department. But there are only a few players in the world who have achieved their knowledge in every department with good athleticism in fielding too. In this era, cricket video downloading become very common. There also you can see the importance of the all-rounders in the past also.  

These players can be an asset to any team, particularly in competitive T20 leagues like the IPL. People have seen many great players born from the IPL, but still, there is a question that everyone wants to know, who are the top all-rounders in the entire history of the IPL? 

The answer to this question can be challenging to reply to because of the rich history of all-rounders in the IPL. But few players stand far apart from the rest. You can quickly identify them from this IPL crowd because of their contribution to their respective teams. In one single word, you can call them the legends of IPL. 

So, here is the list of the top 5 best all-rounders in the entire IPL history to date, 

1. Kieron Pollard

The first name on our list is none other than Kieron Pollard of the Mumbai Indians team. He is the player behind this team’s tremendous success in the IPL. For his all-round ability in various crucial moments, the team has won 5 times in the IPL. Till the 15th edition of IPL, Pollard has scored 3667 runs at a monstrous strike rate of 151, along with 72 wickets. 

He is not among the fastest fielders on the ground, but his agility and fitness near the boundary line, helped the team to break significant partnerships many times. To date, he has taken 92 catches for the team. He is still an essential team member to date because his finishing abilities lower down the order. From various challenging situations especially while chasing, Pollard was the man who acted like a survivor all of the time and he continues to do so. For these reasons, he can undoubtedly be considered one of the best all-rounders in the entire IPL history. 

2. Andre Russell

The name Andre Russell can easily be synonymous with ‘destruction’ itself. Russell is the most destructive batsman that the entire cricketing nation has ever seen. He can change any match at any stage with batting and bowling prowess. Along with his ability to bat and bowl, he is a very athletic fielder near the boundary line. 

Andre Russell is the only player in the IPL with a batting strike rate nearing 180 with 500 plus runs. His destructive batting prowess many times overshadows the ability of his raw pace bowling. To date, he has secured 68 wickets in the IPL, most of which came in the death overs, the overs that are most difficult to bowl. 

Because of his all-around ability, Andre Russell has secured the “Most Valuable Player” of the series award twice for the Kolkata Knight Riders team in the IPL to date. As time passes, Andre Russell has become an integral part of the whole Knight Riders group because of his valuable performances over the years. He is a player who is always there in the best IPL 11 of all time because of sheer all-round performances. Andre Russell can easily be called a beast of a player in the T20 format. 

3. Shane Watson

Shane Watson was a player, about whom people came to know after seeing his various great all-round performances for the Rajasthan Royal team in the IPL. He was a player from Australia and known for his outstanding performances, especially in the big stages like semi-finals or finals of any league. Watson ended his IPL career with 3874 runs along with 92 wickets and played majorly for two teams Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings. Watson has also won the “Player of The Tournament” award in the first edition of the IPL season. 

Watson was the leading player behind the IPL cup winning of the Rajasthan Royals team; initially, they were considered the season’s underdog. Watson also helped the Chennai-based squad to win their IPL for 3rd time in their career. 

4. Dwayne Bravo

Dwayne Bravo can easily be considered one of the most successful players in the IPL. He is primarily a bowler with good batting skills in the lower down the order. He started his IPL career for Mumbai Indians, but people started to know him after he joined the Chennai team. Bravo was one of the leading players behind the winning of IPL 4 times for CSK. 

In the 2013 edition, he took a staggering 32 wickets for CSK and to date, he is the highest wicket-taker of all time in the IPL with more than 150 wickets along with 1500 runs. 

Bravo also won Purple Cap twice in the IPL, 2013 and 2015, for taking the highest number of wickets that season. Bravo has turned 37 in the 2022 IPL edition, and he is on the verge of retirement, but still, he remains the number one choice for CSK when it comes to death bowling. He is well-known for delivering one of the slowest deliveries as a fast bowler in the IPL, making him very deceptive in the later stages of any game. Bravo also took 76 catches in his IPL career, proving he is a good fielder. 

5. Sunil Narine

Another West Indies player and another player from Kolkata Knight Riders, Sunil Narine, is the name of consistency. He joined the KKR team as a mystery off-spin bowler but later sharpened his batting skills and became a proper all-rounder. 

In the entire IPL career, Narine has taken 143 wickets along with 954 runs, most of which came as an opener. He is the only player in IPL with a bowling economy of just more than six and a strike rate of 161.69. This makes him the most unique and valuable player in IPL history. To date, his bowling mystery remains unsolved, and every batter struggles against him. 

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