June 14, 2024
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Blood tests are undertaken to figure out the signs of Hepatitis in the human body. Normally a sample of your blood is taken from the vein in your arm and then you need to send it to the lab for testing.


There is no specific form of treatment available for Hepatitis A. Mostly the virus would be clearing on its own during the course of hepatitis A treatment. The liver is going to clear up within 6 months with no form of lasting damage. It is known to keep things comfortable with a desire to control the symptoms along with signs

  • Rest- Most people who are suffering from this infection feel tired and energy levels are known to drop drastically
  • Coping up with nausea- Nausea could make eating difficult for you. It is better that you snack during the day rather than eating full meals. To increase the intake of calories increase the consumption of calorie specific food. An example is you may drink fruit juice or milk rather than water. It is better that you drink plenty of fluid so as to prevent dehydration if any form of issue occurs.
  • Keep away from alcohol and use medicines with care- the liver may be facing difficulty to cope with alcohol along with medications. If you are suffering from hepatitis do not drink alcohol as it may add up to liver damage. Discus with a hepatitis hospital the medicines which you are taking and this includes the over the counter medicines.

Home remedies and lifestyle changes

So as to prevent the possibility of hepatitis A passing on to others, follow the below mentioned steps

  • Refrain from sexual activity- if you are suffering from hepatitis A you need to avoid all sexual activity. Some kinds of sexual activity could pass on to your partner in the form of an infection. Condoms is not going to provide any form of adequate protection
  • After using the toilet or changing diapers wash your hands- You need to scrub rigorously for 20 seconds and rinse your hands well. Then you need to dry it off with a disposable towel.
  • No point to prepare food for others if you are infected- you may easily pass on the infection to others.

If someone who is close to you is suffering from hepatitis A you can ask the doctor about a vaccine that might prevent it from passing on to you.  On the other hand if you notice any signs it is better to get in touch with the doctor at the earliest. Before visiting a doctor there are a lot of things that you may cover. It is better to come prepared before the appointment, as you need to find out whether you need to do anything in advance like changing your diet. If possible you may write down the symptoms that could even have no bearing when it comes to the appointment. List the medications or supplements which you are taking.

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