June 14, 2024
Quadrant Shower Cubicles

The quadrant shower cubicles are the most popular choice for bathrooms in the UK.  There are several reasons for the popularity of this shape. Among them, the most important is that it is among the choices that we can call corner shower enclosures. According to recent research, nearly 80% of households in the UK have a shower in their homes. 

Perhaps, it would be accurate to say that British is a nation of shower lovers as another survey revealed that 57% of people said they prefer a shower over baths. This comes with no surprise as it is the reason why shower enclosures are becoming a popular choice in the UK. 

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There might be several reasons for such preferences. But one thing is for sure that when you plan to install a new enclosure or replace a bath with a shower, you come across a wide variety of styles and types. Among such choices, a quadrant shape is a preferred choice as it not only perfectly fits into the bathroom corners but also saves a lot of space. 

The Shape Of the Quadrant Shower Cubicles

While there are different shapes of enclosure available in the market, quadrant shower cubicles have a distinctive shape. The round curve in the front and straight from the backside is their unique shape. So, in other words, these have a round shape with a softer style creating a calming feel in the bathroom. Due to such shape, these helps save space in the bathroom in two ways. The first is the lesser impact or projection in the bathroom in comparison to other shapes. Secondly, these fit in the bathroom corners, which also helps utilize the space that otherwise will go to waste. 

The Quadrant Shower Cubicles as a Space Saving Option

Most people prefer this enclosure for aesthetics purposes. But one thing that makes them the perfect choice for your bathroom is their space-saving shape. Limited space in the bathroom is the biggest problem in the UK. Therefore, whenever a homeowner plan for a makeover, they face a lot of problems in finding the right fixtures. You usually need compact fittings that take less space and have minimum impact on the available space. Among all shapes of enclosures, the quadrant is the one that can help you with it in many ways.  

  • These have a kind of shape that, in comparison to others, has a lesser impact on the available bathroom space. The curvy frontage, in comparison to straight edges, helps to save some space. 
  • The quadrant cubicles are compatible with the sliding shower doors. These both go well with each other. These doors are also space-efficient in comparison to their counterparts. You don’t need clearance space in the bathroom with these doors. So, that is another reason for preferring them for this purpose. 
  • These also help you saving space by utilizing unused space in the bathroom because these are the choices in case you want to convert corners into the shower or have an odd layout where other shapes don’t fit. 

The Quadrant Shower Cubicles as a Corner Shower Enclosures

When space in the bathroom is limited, then every inch matters. So, you should make every effort to save the space so you can use it for other fixtures. Regardless of the size, corners in the washrooms often remain empty. But the problem is that not all enclosure shapes can fit into such spaces. You need an enclosure that can work as a corner shower enclosure. Quadrant Shower Cubicles are such a shape that they can perfectly fit into the corners. It is another way that these can help you save space. So, if you want to utilize this space, then these are your first choice. 

The Quadrant Enclosures and Aesthetics. 

The bathroom aesthetics becomes the most important matter for all types of bathrooms. Whether you want to create a contemporary look or traditional, you will need matching fittings and fixtures to help you with it. The enclosures are a big part of your washroom, and there has a huge impact on overall aesthetics. Therefore, opting for the right enclosure is important for creating the look you want. 

Quadrant enclosures are among such choice that has an aesthetically pleasing design that goes perfectly well with contemporary or modern washrooms. Its round shape matches with the toilet, sink, and baths, easily helping you a lot with the overall look. That’s why many people pick this shape solely due to the attractiveness of the design. Although it is a space-saving design, homeowners having all sizes install it in their homes. 

Looking For Quadrant Shower Cubicles for Your Bathroom?

In this article, we have a discussion about different issues related to Quadrant Shower Cubicles in the UK. These are perfect as corner shower enclosures. Other than space savings, these are great for a modern and contemporary look. At Royal Bathrooms UK, we have an extensive range of fittings or fixtures available at reasonable prices. You can visit our online store, where you have many discounts deals available for you every day.

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