June 14, 2024
disadvanteges of plastic

Plastics are synthetic or semi-synthetic materials, and their main ingredient is polymers. Fossil fuel-based chemicals are the derivatives of modern plastics like petroleum, natural gas. However, some current industrial methods are being used from renewable materials, like corn and cotton derivatives. Plastic production cost is not expensive. It can be molded into many different kinds of shapes. The use of plastic at the industrial level is increasing day by day. Plastic is a lightweight material as compared to glass. But we have many disadvantages of plastic also like plastic, natural decomposition. It can last from 400-1000 years. Few kinds of plastics are non-degradable. It can cause water pollution. Best Plastic polymers are being used for the manufacturer of plastic jars in Pakistan.  

1. Classification of Plastic at Industrial level

Broadly plastic can be divided into two types: 

  • Thermosetting plastics 
  • Thermoplastics 

1.1 Thermosetting: 

In this type, plastic polymers cannot mold again and again by the heating method. Also known as thermoset polymers. For example, melamine, Bakelite, etc. These kinds of plastics are used to manufacture witches, utensils, fire-resistant fabric, etc.  

1.2 Thermoplastics: 

It is a type of plastic that can be able to mold repeatedly by the heating method. Examples are polystyrene, polyvinylchloride, and polyethylene. It uses for the manufacturing of carrying bags, and bottles, etc. 

2. Sectors using plastic and importance of plastic for innovations

In the modern world, plastic is used across every sector of a country. To produce packaging, in construction and building, for consumer products, textiles, transportation, electronic and electrical, and industrial machinery. In the United Kingdom, compared to glass, paper, and metal combined, more patents are filed in plastics each year. Constant innovations with polymers that are occurring can help develop industries that include light-responsive polymers, self-healing polymers, and shape-memory polymers. 

3. Applications of Plastics

3.1 Packaging best use of plastic at the industrial level:

Plastic is a perfect material for packaging goods. Plastic is highly durable, flexible, lightweight, hygienic, and versatile. The largest usage of the plastic world is widely for packaging purposes. It uses many packaging applications like bottles, trays, boxes, baby products, protective packaging, etc. Good packaging increases the shelf life of the product. Therefore, injection bottle manufacturer should be encouraged in our country. 

3.2 Construction: 

The use of plastic in the construction industry is increasing day by day. Plastic has great versatility and combines amazing strength, durability, weight ratio, low maintenance, corrosion resistance, and cost-effectiveness. These qualities make plastics an economically attractive choice.

3.3 Automotive Industry: 

  • Plastics are low-cost.
  • Plastics are lightweight; because of this quality, it leads to energy saving and less pollution.
  • Plastics are versatile that allows freedom in molding and components integration.
  • Plastics are strong and durable. Therefore, they are resistant to corrosion and impact.
  • The manufacture and assembly of cars make easier because of plastic.

3.4 Military: 

At the military level, plastic is used to manufacture helmets, warships, aircraft, communications equipment, and body armor.

3.5 Healthcare: 

Used for manufacturing blood bags, dialysis machines, artificial limbs, wound dressing, heart valves, tubing, and syringes.

3.6 Marine:

Manufacturing of sails and boat hulls.

3.7 Energy Generation: 

Manufacturing of solar panels, wave booms, and wind turbines, plastic has been used.

4. Advantages of using plastic

Following are the advantages of using plastic: 

  • Most of the plastics have a very long lifespan that reassures the process of reuse. 
  • Plastic production methods are favorably better than many other materials methods of manufacturing. 
  • In landfills, plastics take up less space as compared to other materials.
  • When the process of plastic decomposing starts, methane does not form.
  • Plastic provides a safe and easy way for the process of transportation of needed items. 
  • We have multiple ways to manage the wastage of plastic 
  • Plastic contains a high energy density. 
  • Plastics are low-cost. Therefore they are affordable. 
  • Plastic industry playing an important role in the global economy. 
  • Plastic is a very poor conductor of heat and electricity. 
  • It can be transparent, opaque, and translucent as well. 
Disadvantages of Plastics
  • Plastic materials can easily block oceans, lakes, seas, and waterways, etc. Plastic can cause water pollution. Affect millions of water species daily. 
  • Many animals eat plastic materials, and then plastic becomes the reason for their death. All the seabirds have plastic pieces in their stomach that can be very harmful to them. 
  • As we know that plastic is used for packaging purposes. If we eat food out of plastic containers, that may cause deadly diseases like cancer. 
  • The process of recycling and creating plastic can produce toxic gases and reside, which affect water, air, and land and cause environmental pollution. 
  • Additives like phthalates added in plastics to prevent its structure can cause a serious imbalance of hormones in males and females. 
  • Plastics can cause fire hazards. 
  • The process of recycling is very costly. For example, in our country, plastic jars in Lahore manufacturing is costly. 
  • Plastics come from non-renewable resources. 
  • Economic loss can occur because of plastic pollution. 
  • We cannot use the process of plastic products recycling infinitely. 
  • We need a lot of energy to clean plastics to recycle the item.
  • It is challenging to manage and a long process of re-sells chains for recycled plastics. 
  • The process of plastic products decomposition takes a long time. 

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Plastic is the most revolutionary product; it gives us many different ways to improve the safety of our basic needs like foods and beverages. When we listen about plastic advantages and disadvantages, it is important to remember that the only danger to consider is not ingestion. We need to increase recycling rates and find alternatives that make sense to reduce our exposure level. Many plastic companies are also working on plastic, and they need to know all the knowledge about plastic usage to save our environment.

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