April 13, 2024

Flowers are the language of love and have played a very important role in our life since the ages. Flowers are enough to brighten someone’s day and make them smile. Happiness is totally synonymous with flowers. Not just love but all the other feelings associated with it. So when it comes to the expression of love, flowers come to the rescue. 

Having a bad day at work can really make a person restless, but receiving flowers after that can be really therapeutic and can make them smile even in adversity. Flowers have a secret language that doesn’t need words, yet it connects directly with the heart. People use flowers for various purposes. The most important purpose is expressing complex human emotion, and another is used for decoration. Not just that, flowers are used for healing. 

We have been connected with flowers since the Victorian era, but there are still a few facts about flowers that we are not aware of. 

In this article you get to know about those facts. 

Titan Arum is considered the world’s smelliest flower. It belongs to the equatorial rainforest of central Sumatra in western Indonesia. Just because of its smell, it is regarded as corpse flowers. They smell like a dead body. It is also the world’s largest flower.

Tulips are considered one of the most amazing and gorgeous flowers. It is the highest selling flower, especially in the Netherlands. Every year more than 3 billion tulips are produced in the Netherlands. They are in demand among all during the festive season. It is very expensive and is worth more than $2000. Tulips are also used in salads.

According to researchers, there are more than thousands of flowers in the whole world. There are still many species that are yet to be discovered. You will be amazed to know that there are more than 35000 species of roses available. So you can choose to get for your loved ones on their special day. There is flower delivery in Bangalore too.

Researchers found a fossil of a flower in 2002 and called it the mother of the flowers. It is considered the oldest flower.

There is a gas plant which has the most beautiful flowers and is known for their subtle pink and white flowers. The most amazing thing about this plant is that they emit colourless gas on warm nights.

Hydrangeas are one of the beautiful flowers, but you would be surprised to know that their colour is determined by the acidity of the soil it grows in. Hydrangeas with alkaline soil have pink-coloured petals.

Wolffia globosa or watermeal is the smallest flower in the world. The size of this plant is almost that of rice and its flowers are even smaller. 

The sunflower moves its face according to the direction of the sun. That’s why they are called sunflowers.

Lilies being the most classy flower but are toxic for cats. 

The amazing smell of rose is due to the presence of macroscopic perfume glands on its petals.

White flowers smell stronger than colorful flowers. 

Colombia’s national flower is the orchid because out of 4000 species of orchid known, 1500 species are found in Colombia itself. Orchids get all their nutrients from air, not from soil. So you can buy orchids for your wife to give on your anniversary as a present, or you can get them for your mother on mother’s day. You can buy orchid flowers online from shopping websites.

I hope you liked the above facts about flowers. I am sure there are more facts about them and many still unknown. If you are interested in getting to know more about flowers, the internet is all yours. Go and find out more about God’s most beautiful creation. You can even watch videos on youtube. 

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