July 20, 2024
stationery lovers

Stationery is daily use equipment that you can have as a helpful part of your life. Stationery can help you with so many things in life that you would love it for. If you love stationery printing, this article is for you, something that would make you go amazed. So, we have curated some most amazing facts about stationery printing that you will love. 

Especially if you are a stationery lover, you will be amazed by these facts. These facts will not be purely about stationery printing, but there will be some with stationery only. 

But, I bet you will love all of these because there are so many unimaginable facts that you would love. Therefore, go on and read them and get fun and value rolling into your life at its best.

1: Fact Number one for a Stationery Lovers:

The most amazing fact that you would love about stationery is that pencils can write underwater as well. This is a fact that you would love as a person and be benefitted from as well. 

Most amazing facts are never just about being super entertaining. There are so many things you would love if they are helpful as well. So, this fact gives you the ability to understand how you can use a pencil. Make sure that you understand the use and application of this fact and be benefitted from it.

2: Ink Cartridges:

 Another amazing fact about stationery tells that; 45 million ink cartridges are landfilled in the UK alone. Now, this is a huge number and I think that you would love this fact. 

Moreover, it’s a deep insight into the ability of this industry to connect with people. You might be thinking about how it can do so? The answer is that you would have landfill things that you use. And this makes it easier to understand that these stationery items are one of the most used ones. This leads us to fact number 2:

3: How Many Papers can one Pine Tree Make?

 You may know pine trees for their length and how big they are. But, did you ever know that you can use them to make paper? Yes, that’s true! To be precise, a pine tree can make 80,000 papers. Isn’t it amazing? Sure it is. Now to the third most amazing and astounding fact:

4: You’ll Be Amazed to Know What does Hotchkiss Means:

Although there are different historical accounts for the invention of staplers. But there is a fact that says that the name of the inventor of this most helpful stationery item was E.H Hotchkiss. 

The person lived at Norwalk and is known for being the inventor of staplers. It may be a curious fact and definitely an amazingly curious name. You must have loved this fact as a stationery lover.

5: The Incredible Fact about a Sheet of Paper:

One of the most incredible facts about a paper sheet is that you cannot fold it more than a specific number of times. 

The most amazing thing about this type of equipment is that there is no number of times increased. And the number of times you can fold a paper will remain the same no matter what size of the paper you are using to fold. 

The maximum number of times you can fold it is 13 times in all conditions. And it does not differ no matter what kind of the size of paper you have when trying this. 

6: Did You Know Business Cards Were 600 Years Old?

It may be a shock for many, but the truth is that business cards are 600 years old. The fact is that these cards were in use during the 15th century in China. 

Another fact says that cards were used in Europe during the 17th century. It is said that the high-born families used them for the announcements of their arrival. 

So, the next time you get stationery printing, feel more royal as cards were a sign of royalty. This means that stationery card printing and making has been there for many centuries.

7: The Cultural Touch in Business Cards:

There are so many countries that have all sorts of norms about business cards. For example, studying a business card for too long in Korea is something people would not like. 

Similarly, in Columbia, there is a norm that you should hand over cards in a particular style. The Styles is to hand over them with thumb and forefinger. Moreover, you should not hide the details on the card when you are giving it out.

These amazing cultural touches have their own beauties that one would love about them. You must love these facts as a stationery lover, if you are one.

8: An Amazing Fact About Custom Paper Bags:

If you are looking to get paper bags, you must know this one. The fact says that 79 percent of the people think that paper bags are more pleasant to use.

93 percent of the people think that paper bags should be sustainable. This means that paper bags are a hot favourite one for so so many people in the world.

Custom paper bags are a great way to do branding and express your emotions. 


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As a stationery lover, you must understand how printing helps you in this regard. You can get the best of your ease through the ability to be a fact lover. If you are a fact lover, this article must have of great value to you.

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