May 24, 2024

Allah is a maker of this whole Universe. We cannot do anything without the permission of Allah. Allah has sent many Prophets for the gaudiness. The last Prophet of Allah is Muhammad (PBUH). He has sent a holy book for him to guide his Ummah that is Quran. Quran is a most precious gift for us from Allah. Quran guides us about the right pathway of living a life according to Islam. It is the last holy book of Allah, and He completes Islam here. So we should read out Quran daily for a better lifestyle. Quran online shopping let you know more about Quran and its different language translations. 

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Quran

The word Quran is derived from qara’a, which means ‘’to read’’ and‘’ recite’’. It is divided into 114 units called Surrahs. Surrahs are subdivided into small verses called ‘’Ayat’’. Ayat means sign. It was revealed through the angel Gabriel to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) 1400 years ago. All Prophets guided their Ummah about life after death. As Muslims, we believe that all the Prophets brought the same key message: it is a sin to associate partners with Allah, believe there is only one God, and live a life devoted to earning Allah’s pleasure. 

The Quran is unique in this way. It is the only book that presents today in uniform form, and the content is original. The message of the Quran is universal and eternal, and it helps us out in every aspect of life from the ethics of marriage, divorce, parenting, inheritance, gender issue and economics. The Quran describes God exists in the Universe. Muhammad (PBUH) was very attentive in collecting the Quran in written form as well. When a portion of the Quran was revealed, he could not read it or write, and then he called upon his illuminator to record the text. 

The Quran was not only memorized by him but also by his companions. After death of the Prophet (PBUH), manuscript of Quran was collected by his committee, who followed the right pathway to protect against any errors. The manuscript was approved by the Prophet Muhammad companions and hundreds that memorized the Quran. Manuscripts were prepared by the third caliph and then distributed to the Muslims.   

Why is the Quran only in the Arabic Language?

Muhammad (PBUH) lived in Arabia when Quran was revealed to him, but it does not mean it cannot translate it to different languages. The Arabic Language is unique in its grammatical structure, styleand if it made in non-Arabic, then the people of that time would have said:

‘’Why are its verses not explained in detail [in our language]? Is it a foreign [recitation] and an Arab [messenger]?” Say, “It is, for those who believe, a guidance and cure.” And those who do not believe – in their ears is deafness, and it is upon them blindness. Those are being called from a distant place (Quran 41:44).

Quran Education

The greatest follower of education generally is Islam. The first revelation,’’ IQRA,’’ means reading. There is nothing better than to learn the Quran. It is the ultimate source of knowledge, and it directly comes from Allah. It is a primary obligation to learn the Quran. It is the duty and responsibility of every parent to teach their children about Islam, and their foundation will be strong to grow as a faithful Muslim. Buy Quran for your children. Every Muslim should read Quran daily. It is a direct way of talking with Allah. If you do not want to send your children to an Islamic academy, you can try online classes of Quran. Should read it out with translation to get the real meaning of the Quran and what the Quran wants to teach us. We can buy Quran online from any online store to get ourselves educate.  

Other gifts verses Quran  

Islam teaches us to spread the love with each other. To keep our relations strong and beautiful by giving gifts to each other. Following are the unique Islamic gifts; an azan watch, hijab for women, Islamic jewelry, beard kit, Islamic wall arts, prayer mats, Quran stand and bookmarks, Islamic books, set of abaya for woman and set of kurta pajama for man etc. We can gift anything according to their choice, but we should gift a Quran to our loved ones at least once in our lifetime. Nothing can be a more precious gift than a Quran. When you die, the person you give a Quran when they readout that you will also get the praise of Allah. 

We can buy Quran and send it to any Islamic center for children as a gift. Quran should be read out with the translation. If we do not know anything about the Arabic Language, it is not useful to read Quran without translation. It helps you in each matter of your life. If you are trying to guide someone on the right pathway by giving them Quran as a gift, you will get the pleasure of Allah. We can also gift Quran bookmarks to our loved ones as well as wooden Quran stand. Quran is a beautiful gift for your growing child to let him know the importance of Islam in our life. 

Online shopping is on trend nowadays as compared to shopping at stores. Online shopping is effective and takes less time, and we can save our money also. Moreover, we can buy beautiful Quran online for our loved ones through online Islamic gifts shops. 


Quran is not a book, and it tells us everything about this life and after that. To get success after death, we need to follow Quran. Quran is a light in the darkness of our life. It has a solution to every problem. You do not need to go to any person to take gaudiness when you have a Quran with you. It is a beautiful gift for the whole of humanity. 

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